Mobile marketplace for easy buying and selling

Tapp Market brings buyers and sellers together with a mobile marketplace app, that makes purchasing online with cash easy and reliable.


Make money by selling digital and physical products and services. Sell fast and reliably with QR code and engage customers with messaging.
  • Start using

    Install Android app from Google Play or local app stores to get started.
  • Register as agent

    It is easy and quick to start selling by registering you as an agent and performing your first top-up. Quickly see your new top-up balance and continue sales.
  • Start Selling

    Sell products and services and profit from each sale. Let customers find your location by announcing it. View sales reporting and benefit from incentives.
  • Do More Sales

    Gather own customer base and promote sales to them. Learn of new products and services to increase sales. Use training resources to become better, more profitable agent.


Find near-by agents using map and buy fast with privacy protection using QR code. Use cash for buying from nearest TappĀ agent or convert cash to app balance and buy anywhere, anytime.
  • Take Into use

    Install Android app from Google Play or local app stores to get started.
  • Locate agents

    Find easily your nearest Tapp agent by using the app. If necessary authenticate agent so you know you are dealing with active, reputable agent.
  • Buy

    Find products and services that might not be available near you. Buy from sellers anywhere and pay at your local agent with cash.
  • Save Money

    Visit your nearest Tapp agent to benefit from promotions and campaigns.

Tapp Market

Tapp Market is a new marketplace service available as Android app and on the web. Visit Tapp Market