Tapp Philippines’ Turnover Doubled

Mindanao Business Development Team's Sly Maranga and Noel Secretaria with Tapp Philippines' Country Director Hervé Alfieri (right) and Tapp Commerce's COO Tapio Järvenpää

Mindanao Business Development Team’s Sly Maranga and Noel Secretaria with Tapp Philippines’ Country Director Hervé Alfieri (right) and Tapp Commerce’s COO Tapio Järvenpää (left)


Tapp Philippines continues to grow at an accelerated pace. The market saw a 56 % increase in turnover between June and July, and a staggering growth of 100 % between July and August.

“We have successfully extended our outreach to areas outside of the National Capital Region, most noticeably to Mindanao which is the most Southern region of the Philippines,” explains Philippine’s Country Director Mr. Hevré Alfieri. “Integrating the inputs of our existing merchants to build a more comprehensive product portfolio has also been one of the keys to our success.”

In addition to expanding to new areas and streamlining the product portfolio, Mr. Alfieri emphasizes the value of teamwork and dedication: “Our business development team has worked extremely hard.  Their passion to fight for financial inclusion and help communities is staggering. The results speak for themselves.”

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