Democratizing commerce

Billions of people in emerging markets lack access to booming online stores. We provide an innovative peer-2-peer commerce exchange network, which allows people without bank accounts or credit cards to locate mobile point of sales, in order to pay for goods & services via mobile in a super cool way.

  • Tapp

    We bring buyers and sellers together with an award winning mobile marketplace app, that makes purchasing online with cash easy and reliable.
  • Our mission

    Be the leading mobile e-commerce network globally connecting the social, mobile and physical worlds of commerce.
  • Our vision

    Create totally new commerce opportunities and networks increasing economic participation and ultimately the quality of life for people everywhere.

Mobile buying and selling simplified and open to all

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Tapping into a wealth of opportunities

  • Agent

    Start a business, or earn more, with continuously expanding selection of goods and services. Announce your location on our mobile map. Build your sales network and make extra profit. Easy.
  • Merchant

    Sell online with reduced risk. Tapp Market solves the problems of cash-on-delivery by accepting cash-on-purchase payments. Take advantage of our vast agent network that is ready to push your products or services to the market. Convenient.
  • Buyer

    Buy products or services, and pay your bills online with cash. No bank account or credit card needed. Simple.

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